The Roxbury Laboratory for Aural Enrichment is a state-of-the-art research facility and tastefully appointed living room. Our podcasters take on the world and deliver it to you in delectable chunks of dialogue.


38- In Treatment

This week we have a group chat following a special show at Megan’s House which is a group treatment facility for women. How is it different from a typical show? Kelly McFarland, Emily Ruskowski, Jack Burke, Eric Taylor, and Phoebe Angle take the time to talk about a really cool and unique kind of... read more

37- Kenice Mobley

If I’m on. Show with Kenice Mobley I check where she is on the lineup so I never miss her. Some comics bring pure heat. Comedy fastballs. Kenice is great because she throws curve and changeups that surprise you and always find the strike zone. Today we talk about her past and future and she even spends time grilling... read more


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