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44- Giulia Rozzi

I had been trying to talk to Giulia Rozzi ever since her album “True Love” came out. I finally got to when she came home to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and got to talk about jokes, her show, “First Set” and we just can’t seem to avoid politics in... read more

43- James Patterson and Dan Boulger Talk Boston Comedy Festival

We’ve talked a little about comedy contests in the past and on this episode we talk to James Scott Patterson as he’s about to compete in the semi-finals of the Boston Comedy Festival and former $10,000 champion Dan Boulger. How do you approach a contest? Is it different from a standard set? Is it more stressful? We cover a wide range of topics and there’s even a guest appearance by Dave... read more

163 – Romanian Austerity

This week we bring you the tale of how the IMF and Communist Megalomaniacs worked together to decimate a country. Also covered: Russian Anti-Semitism, Modern Day Druids, Why Blind Mike decided to be a Civil Engineer and a fan who is an... read more


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