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35- Sam Ike

One of the reasons I like Sam Ike so much is that he can have the smartest room in Cambridge rolling but also kill it in a bar 20 miles from the nearest highway. We sat down in the bar of our favorite Chinese food place/Comedy club to talk about his improv career, moving into stand up and the shows he produces that are somewhere in between. We also see if we can save a bomb about a friend dying and how Kickstarter really... read more

156 – The Rus Khaganate

While Blind Mike tries to tell the listener about the Rus Khaganate, Caleb and Mike interrupt him with tangents ranging from Trinidadian Musicians all the way to the Problem with... read more

34- When the Show Doesn’t Go

Something a little…well, very different this week. A handful of comics, including your weekly Bombing tour guide, arrived for a show that the audience forgot to attend. What happens when the show doesn’t go? You get half a dozen comics, a live mic, and some very NSFW storytelling including the great Boston Comedy Death... read more


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